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The Condor Fund


Promoting condors and their protection and recovery
through education, breeding, release and legislation.


All videos, photographs and copy on this website, are 2013 The Condor Fund.


The most direct approach to helping wild condor populations is to acquire, breed, and release condors to the wild. AZA zoos possess nearly all the captive condors in the United States, but through hard work we have been able to acquire a few Andean Condors with which to start our own breeding program. Once they are breeding, we will be raising chicks away from human contact and transferring them to other facilities which will release them into the Andes Mountains.

We also fight for legislation which will help to protect condors in both captivity and in thewild. We help to develop sensible long term solutions for many of the conflicts that are hamperingCondor recovery. Among these issues are poaching, habitat encroachment, lead, wind farms, and changing overbearing and counterproductive laws which impede condor recovery.



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